Alibaba the Chinese tech joins with Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), is one the sustaining and integrating open source which is working to improve adoption of modern cloud software development technologies, and also part of a microservices architecture. But according to the recent updates Chinese giant tech Alibaba joins the CNCF as a Gold Member to help advance cloud in global markets. They also said that they are focusing on to more open-source contributions from the international cloud community.

“The company’s global presence from a cloud provider perspective will help CNCF to capitalize on the growing international market – attracting contributors from around the world and benefiting our technology project portfolio.” “ And also thrilled to have Alibaba cloud as an active and Gold Member of CNCF”, said by said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of CNCF.

Alibaba now as a Foundation Member, is planning to integrate relevant CNCF projects into its own products by equipping the customers and developers worldwide with a dynamic application. Jack Ma CEO of Alibaba and CNCF founder is having a meeting to pitch China as a source of revenue for American business.

With joining of Alibaba, CNCF is now has a second source of cloud computing expert in China in which to promote its members projects. And they also looking forward to contributing CNCF community by developing technologies and contributing codes to the projects and collaborating with fellow members.And there also a rumors that Alibaba will introduce MaxCompute, to Europe’s cloud computing market before 2018.CNCF is a proud Gold Sponsor of LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China.

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