Rackspace Cloud Review

The Rackspace Cloud is a set of cloud computing products and services billed on a utility computing basis from the US-based company Rackspace. They offers web application hosting or platform as a service, Cloud Storage, virtual private server, load balances, databases, backup, and monitoring. They offers services like cloud files,cloud servers, cloud sites,Caveats etc.

Rackspace also offers Cloud Block Storage and Cloud Backup. Cloud Block Storage, which was released in 2012, is powered by OpenStack and competes with Amazon Elastic Block Store. They also provides file level backups and uses compression and encryption to cut storage costs and improved security for their customers. In Rackspace you can also Migrating your data and apps to the right clouds and also enhancement and optimization for your cloud.

They have a price based on utility that is cost under control by paying for what you use and also with true consumption based pricing and billing. There is no charge for incoming bandwidth, or for bandwidth within private networks. Their Storage Pricing is $0.88/GB/month and with Cloud Big Data Pricing is $65.70 /month for 64GB and 10TB is at $1,985.60 / month.

Control Panel:
The online control panel was custom built for the Rackspace Cloud service. The control panel includes management interfaces for the Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers and Cloud Files services. It also allows users to manage multiple clients and the plans and products that apply to them, with white label branding options for messaging. The clients themselves have access to a restricted version of the control panel that allows them to conduct administrative tasks such as managing mail accounts.

They also provides access to support materials including developer resources, a knowledge base, forums.There is also Fanatical Support that is available 24x7x365 via phone, chat and email.

2 thoughts on “Rackspace Cloud Review

    Sharan Tiwari

    (June 4, 2017 - 4:10 pm)

    Rackspace has cost me more price for the regular server, and my business was going on loss, and there was no proper solution from their end, and I was really fed up with worst and disappointing services. Now I have migrated to other provider and now I’m saving up to 50% of the cost.

    kiran Goutham

    (June 18, 2017 - 3:58 pm)

    According to me Rackspace is an good cloud provider,but the only concern is that the storage capacity given by them is very low but the price is high.The customer support is also very good really happy with it.

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