Migrating to cloud? Read This….

Before a business or a website decides to migrate to a Cloud, there should be a valid reason to migrate to a cloud, otherwise the efforts and the cost incurred might not match with the desired results. Not all applications, are worth moving to a cloud.

To build a successful cloud migration strategy there are few things that needs to be kept in mind:

Reliability of applications or data: Although the cloud offers good flexibility and scalability & security not every application is the right fit. There can me some Sensitive data, applications, and workloads that may not be suitable for public cloud. Businesses can use either a private cloud or a hybrid cloud for mission critical applications.
One of the best ways to start a Cloud migration is by moving the lowest-risk, lowest-value applications or apps that will take full advantage of the cloud’s elasticity. Applications with a high usage rates should be left for a later period.

Cost of Migration: Many businesses migrate to the cloud because it’s cost efficient. Cloud can be cost effective in many cases, however, the financial benefits differ for each application. IaaS solutions are often proved as more cost-efficient than investing in costly hardware and similar is the case with mobile applications.

Choosing the Right Cloud Hosting: Each type of Cloud Hosting Services have their unique benefits, choosing the right Cloud Hosting Service for your business needs a well thought implementation.

As a whole Private clouds offer more security than public clouds. But in a private cloud environment, users themselves would be responsible for management, security, and performance monitoring, etc.

Hybrid cloud offers the best of both private and public cloud but there can be issues like latency and dependency can happen in hybrid cloud environment.

These points will certainly help you before moving your applications on the cloud.

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