Keys for successful Cloud

Cloud computing’s impact on business and IT can not be exaggerated. Associate in Nursing exceedingly in a very few short years cloud has evolved from a rising trend to a foundational part for the overwhelming majority of organizations. As of the recent research, it showed that 89% of the organization is getting significant business value from cloud computing.

Moving the complete business processes to the cloud is not a simple task, the organization has to pay attention to several key issues like implementation complexity, the impact to culture, and necessary skills. But there is a lot of benefits like cost saving, flexibility, managing data, Mobility etc.

Here are the some of the key points for cloud success:


The first and foremost driver of cloud computing is, without a doubt, is Mobility. unneeded to mention that with the exaggerated adoption, exaggerated screen size and exaggerated process power in mobiles have semiconductor diode to the necessity for exaggerated storage and access of knowledge –while one is mobile. Not simply that, with increasing variety of executives currently plugging their mobile devices into the enterprise system, the access of knowledge is currently additionally real time.

Cost Savings

If you are running a business, you will be looking forward to saving the business costs. In the same way, when you deploy a cloud solution for your business, it may be large but truly it is a cost saving and also become the benchmark for your business. And there is a lot of opportunities apart from cost saving like testing, training, new deployment etc, for speed doing business.


Implementing a cloud is a superb time to standardize on ‘base’ policies for security across applications and resources. There is an opportunity if organization merely specialize in ‘easy provisioning, and forget to place effort into the post-provisioning work required to create those resources usable by its stakeholders


First things 1st, what’s the present state of affairs, each in your technology atmosphere and your business strategy? Before you start designing for the longer term, you prefer to be told and perceive the atmosphere and business desires in situ these days. you wish to understand what they like concerning their current atmosphere and wherever they need to check enhancements, therefore, you’ll be able to confirm the cloud answer that may effectively meet their desires.

In assess, it also includes high availability, additional services, load patterns etc.

Manage expectations for the cloud

While typical expectations of the cloud square measure actually tangible and possible, it’s not continually simple planning to success. throughout cloud migrations, traditional IT infrastructures and architectures got to be taken into consideration and evolved. IT has to portray this to management groups and manage expectations consequently. It’ll bring success however not long.



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