How to save money in Cloud Technology

Cloud computing has created a technology revolution for small businesses, offering access to a range of capabilities that typically only larger companies can afford. In SMBs When in the initial stage when the fund starts flowing into their business all the SMBs will go with costly cloud provider without thinking of their future business infrastructure and end up paying the bulk of the money to their cloud provider, where it is not necessary.

Here are some tips, how to save money in Cloud technology;

Don’t go with costly players like amazon, google, MS Azure

In the initial stage of the business when the fund flow is stable, all the SMBs will go to costly cloud providers like AWS, Google, Azure etc and end up paying huge money for their cloud hostings, say 1 lakhs for 8 servers, which is not necessary and also it is very costly. But if they move for local or traditional providers like Hosting Raja, Digital Ocean etc, where they provide same servers for very less price say 50000, where there is a huge difference in price. They save a lot of money and they can use that money in marketing or sales or into their business infrastructure.

Do a proper infrastructure optimization

The vision of infrastructure optimization is to build an efficient, secure and optimized information technology infrastructure and services in a logical sequence.  2017 is a big year for storage, networking, and data center managers.

With servers placed off-site and their management left to an practiced supplier, Cloud computing permits you to specialize in what you are doing best—running your business. as a result of resources within the Cloud is accessed as required, the time it takes to urge started with these services shrinks from days to minutes. for little businesses wanting to stretch their resources and be additional competitive, operating within the Cloud is changing into a requirement.An optimized IT infrastructure is built upon IT standards and ensures confirmation to those standards. With each level of optimization, infrastructure that also brings about significant cost reduction, increased security, and improved availability and manageability. At end of the day, it will be very using full for the better run of your business.

Getting  proper cloud consulting & solutions

By getting proper cloud consulting and solution through a right mode, will help your business in lot more advantage in term of accessibility, cost saving, collaboration, disaster recovery and automatic software updates. The cloud can be better leveraged when business and application needs are aligned with the cloud strategy of organizations. This also enables the organizations to operate efficiently and provides scalability, responsiveness and drive growth and revenue. They give you the much-needed confidence by setting up a road map for managing successful cloud migration, development, integration, and administration services through cloud consulting services.They also help to identify the potential cloud deployment models with suitable cloud types like public, private, or hybrid.

Compare with various vendors

Before going to one particular cloud provider, you need to compare with the different cloud vendors in terms of features, accessibility, price, customer support etc. And also need to check which is suitable for your business with infrastructure optimization and which will help in a long run of your business. Out there, there are a lot of cloud vendors who provide best in class cloud hosting at a reasonable price and with good features.

Scale when you need it

Generally, the startup companies when they have more money in the beginning, they set up grand cloud architecture for their project without doing a proper ground work. In actual, they might be using only a few percentage of the whole cloud resources. For example, they might have done the setup to serve 10 million visitors per day, actually, they will be getting 10000 visits per day.   In this case, it will save 98% of the scale usage which is a huge money which can be utilized for any internal business infrastructure. Mostly this type of scale difference will happen from the large cloud provider like AWS, Google, Azure etc. And cloud computing must bring the natural economies of scale and also lower costs for you.

Don’t go with metered billing, go with fixed cost

When you run your own servers, you’re looking at up-front capital costs. But in the world of cloud-computing, financing that capital investment is someone else’s problem. Say for example in large cloud provider like AWS, Google, Azure etc,  they provide server cost in terms of usage /hr or usage of bandwidth, and if there are any attacks on your website and they have consumed a lot of your bandwidth, then you end with paying that money. But when you go for fixed cost you will be not facing such issue, and you will be paying as you agreed on which bandwidth you have selected.

Assume someone sends lots of unnecessary traffic to your website, still you will be greeted with surprise invoice with lots of money in an hourly model, Better always go with fixed cost cloud hosting.





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