Top 6 reasons to dump AWS to another cloud

In today’s cloud computing world Amazon Web Services might be a leader in the field. Because it offers so many options as well has services which are a virtual roof, it is nearly impossible to summarize the breadth. In Amazon Web Services there are dozens of machines types to choose from, dozens of ways to store data and you need to build end numbers of software packages to build and also use for your environment. As there is alternate competition to AWS right now, isn’t standing still, and may no longer be your first choice to choose it.

High price

In AWS, the price for hosting cloud is very high, where the Small and Medium sized business will be affected. Most of the small and medium business owners they go with AWS at the beginning of their start-up, after having the good amount of investor’s money. And when the revenue and cash flow is not as expected, then the problem starts, the very first thing most of the Indian startup do is to switch their hosting to typical hosting companies like HostingRaja, HostGator and Godaddy. In this way, they save around 60% of their It infrastructure which is a major chunk of money. These start-ups use their money in marketing and product development. So choose your cloud hosting provider wisely in the beginning.

No perfect solution or support platform

They have mentioned on their website that they will support for 365 days but Amazon Web Service is that solution platform. But there is a possible and best every way to solve the problem that is to build an extension to the browser and store every document in Google or Microsoft system. But one last solution is that to renting your own server or building out your own infrastructure for a complete solution to your issue and then it is ready at your service.

security and privacy issues

At time storing data in the cloud may pose the serious challenge of information theft in front of the company. Though advanced security measures are deployed on cloud, still storing a confidential data in the cloud can be a risky affair. When its comes to managing sensitive data, any discussion involving data must address to security and privacy. We mustn’t forget Code Space and what happened to it after its AWS EC2 console was hacked and its data eventually deleted, forcing the company to close doors forever.You’ll have to carefully weigh all the risk scenarios. AWS cloud service provider is expected to manage and safeguard the underlying hardware infrastructure of a deployment, however remote access is your responsibility and, in any case, no system is perfectly secure.

There are only few web pages

In AWS it allows its customers to buy an account on a UNIX machine which leads to maintains a few web pages in the shared hosting arrangements, served up by Apache. And that didn’t need flexibility has it run on one computer and it didn’t scale small websites. But some sites starts running quietly and smoothly on WordPress, Drupal, and with other simple option and simple time. As they provide these shared servers which run through CPanel are still good options that are more efficient than cloud and it also cheaper.

You can write less code

From Google, there is an app named App Engine which was Google’s best and cleverest ideas. It works in a way that you need to write some basic Python code with a strict structure and then handles the data storage, the loading balance, the configuration, etc. In that, it is quite easy to build an application with limited code that will be attached to Google’s resources. If you use bazillion users, then Google will handle your bill for resources you used.

It works in Windows

In AWS, machines run in Windows operating system, like many other clouds. But there is no proper place to run or manages like true Windows. Microsoft’s Azure cloud offers many flavors of Linux, has it has soft spot for Windows. If you want to transfer your license when you like to move to Microsoft’s cloud or with hybrid cloud, by leaving some on-premises and some in the cloud.

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